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Transform your YL business with  complete ease.

Transform your YL business with complete ease.

It is no secret that Instagram can become a main component of growing your Young Living Business, but NOT without a plan, strategy & quality content! The Soul Social is EVERYTHING you need to start being consistent & selling starter kits on Instagram! 

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The Soul Social

A monthly  social media membership for Young Living Business Builders

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"I am a Soul Social Insider & have sold 3 kits this month & have 2 more hot leads & sold 2 kits last month! I owe this to you & I am so thankful!"

- rachel

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30+ photos, 20 captions, a marketing bundle with a monthly social media training for Young Living Business Builders, promotion graphics & 3 Reels ideas with tutorials! Delivered right to your phone or computer every month for easy access.

the soul 

monthly membership

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30+ Photos & Access to The Legacy Collection

These aesthetically beautiful photos are excellent to use throughout the month & are perfectly curated for the season! Plus, get access to the Legacy Collection full of YL product photos you can use any time of the year. 

Here's what's included every month inside your subscription

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20 Customizable Captions

Always have a caption ready to post!
These quality captions are easy to customize & are designed to increase engagement!

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A Marketing Bundle

Support your YL business with a collection of Marketing tools. Included is a Project Broadcast bundle with a class script & promotion graphics, Canva lead generation graphics for the Starter Kit & bundle options, a Carousel template & promotional graphics, plus 3 Reels ideas with video tutorials & 1 made-for-you Reel.

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Monthly Social Media Trainings

Sometimes you can have all the right tools & still not know how to apply them in a way that's effective-- don't worry I have you covered! Each month I'll be sharing my knowledge & experience directly with you!

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Exclusive FB Community

Community is the heart & soul of this company. That is why we have created a space where we can invest & encourage each other on this beautiful journey. 

"I went from not having any idea how to sell on Instagram to having a clear plan that actually works"

Within the first month of subscribing to The Soul Social I had more engagement & conversations than ever before. I think my viewers could feel the shift & confidence that having such beautiful content gave me"

be bold!

Jenny Doubled her starter kit sales 

"I went from barely any engagement to over 5K views!

I averaged around 700 views and after this months social media training I got over 5K views on my Reels! & I just feel more comfortable trying new things on Instagram"

Brittany tripled her engagement

"I hit my next rank a month after subscribing." 

"The product in its entirety does not leave any room to say that Instagram is too hard. I used one of the caption starters last night & immediately had likes from people I haven't seen in awhile and conversations that were meaningful and authentic. Yes, I tweaked to fit my voice, but it is great to have the resources to keep me motivated, to push forward and let this platform be a regular and natural task to do daily"

Dietre hit a new rank 


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start attracting non-oily people to your instagram 

create connections with other young living business builders just like you

kick negative mindset to the side & grow your business through instagram

increase your engagement & stop feeling invisible online

be able to show up on instagram with a clear plan

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"The Soul Social allowed me to sell my first kit through Instagram---I had been trying for a year before I found this membership"

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"It has established me as trustworthy resource and my sign ups have greatly increased"

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"I am no longer operating from a place of overwhelm...IG is working for me"

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"I have been able to build an actual genuine following that engages & just got my first 2 IG kit sales!"

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As a former wedding photographer turned children's clothing company owner turned social media expert & Young Living Rep, I am passionate about empowering women to be able to step into their voice on IG & to never have to wonder again why they aren't growing.

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Imagine opening up your phone & having everything you needed to be consistent--- photos, captions, IG stories & strategies to start growing your Instagram & attracting people to your YL Business.

I remember when my own downline would come to me & feel so lost on IG & how to actually use it for their business, this was my motivation to create The Soul Social.

It's time to start using Instagram to grow your YL Business.

being consistent on instagram doesn't have to be hard

"Legit life changing the work you have put in to save time in trying methods on instagram. for a mom that is huge! I will recommend this to everyone in young living!"

- Kaila

This      for you if:

You don't have time to take photos, Write captions & create graphics

you are hoping this will solve all of your business problems

you are a yl Business builder who wants to use ig to grow Your business

you're hoping this will sell kits for you with little to no effort

you aren't a social media expert

It's probably        for you if...

You're not willing to put in the work



Have the tools you need to be able to find out who on your IG actually wants essential oils

Increase your engagement & start having fun again on Instagram

Feel confident to show up on Instagram & have a clear plan

Be able to have natural & authentic conversations with people on Instagram

Know what to post and what to say on Instagram so you can get on with it.

Have up to date IG strategies & insight

after you join The Soul Social you will...

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"A new member enrolled yesterday with me who I do not know-my members were friends/family before"

- dietre s.

It is so gratifying to know the work I am putting in is starting to manifest! I see so many shifts happening in my business another being a member who enrolled two members this month! I am so incredibly grateful for you & The Soul Social and the tools and resources you are providing  is invaluable and I will have them forever to reference when needed.  Thank you again you are truly an angel for this business. builders"

"Being part of the Soul Social is such a life giving asset to my business! I love all of the tips, prompts, & graphics to use in IG Stories. 

-Sarah w.

I love making beautiful, aesthetic stories seeing them makes me smile so I want to give those smiles to others! I love this group!

" I have grown from 300 to 1500 followers in less than a year!

-Sarah M.

I am so thankful for what The Soul Social has helped me create here on Instagram!

The Soul Social is different than most YL subscription 

It gives you action steps to grow

The very first video you watch when you get inside the membership outlines how to use the subscription & get the VERY most out of it! & how you can use your IG to get more leads for starter kits! 

we keep up to date on any new feature on ig & cover how to use it for young living 

You do not need to feel overwhelmed with new features that are coming out on IG.  I have you covered from Reels, to IG Guides, to hashtags & more! 

I consistently go live in the exclusive facebook group to share my knowledge of all things marketing, branding & social media!

learn something new about ig every month

plan your content out ahead of time

Grow your Yl support network

Follow a proven roadmap

The Soul Social includes everything you need  to show up on IG with confidence

Similar to a gym membership; you actually have to pick up the weights to see a change. The Soul Social provides you with the tools & the encouragement you need to succeed, but you have to be willing to put in the work to see your vision for your Instagram come to life.

Creating an IG your are proud of 

Having accountability to your IG goals

Attracting your dream people to your downline

Building online relationships that are meaningful & life giving

Creating & sustaining systems for showing up on IG

Feeling more balanced when it comes to IG & not feeling like a slave to your phone

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

join today for $20

Try The Soul Social. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

Your satisfaction is my number one priority! Our mission at Soul Social is to serve & equip you with the tools & resources you need to grow & develop a personal & professional brand online in order to find freedom & confidence that enriches your life. 

money back 
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If I sign up today, when will I be charged again?

If you sign up on Nov 15th you get charged again on Dec 15th, so technically every month you get two months for the price of one because you get access to both the current month's content & the next month's as well! You will see the charge on the same date each month unless you cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to cancel anytime? 

Yes! There are clear instructions in the subscription on how to cancel or you can reach out to our customer service & they will help guide you! We make it so that you can subscribe & unsubscribe at anytime!

Could I use this content if I am not in the US market? 

Yes, of course a lot of the pictures are the US starter kit & products, but the captions, videos & IG stories are customizable so that you can make them fit whatever market you are in. We also have Australian & Canadian starter kit photos.


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